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A Guide to the Best About Open Plan Living

‘Open plan’ is a phrase commonly used by  builders and designers when planning a new home.

Open plan living as the name suggests showcases space and has minimal dividing walls between areas. It creates a sense of continuity through the home with a focal point on communal and relaxed living, leaving formal areas off the design.

Open plan living designs generally prove to be more popular than zoned living.  Which floorplan is the best really depends on how it will meet your lifestyle needs.

Things to love about open plan living 

Watch the kids

Usually in open plan designs the kitchen and living areas are connected. This means you can watch over the kids as they play and do their homework while preparing meals in the kitchen.

Good for entertaining

A larger space allows for the dining area to be scaled up or down depending on how many visitors you are entertaining. Maximised space means you’ll be able to host family gatherings and dinner parties comfortably.


Open plan floorplans have the benefit of being strategically zoned to create more intimate spaces but can also be a blank canvas allowing you to make the layout best work for you. A visually appealing home without sectioned off rooms can add more value to the property.

Capitalise on outdoor space

Enhance the overall floor square meterage with the addition of sliding doors between the living and outdoor area. This creates optimal space by continuing the flow outside and making for an even greater living capacity.

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