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What effect is Covid-19 having on construction at Accolade?

Our civil contractors are more committed than ever during the Covid-19 pandemic with work continuing out on site uninterrupted. If you are building a house on a lot you have recently purchased, you will need to contact your builder for an update on their progress.

When will a footpath connect Accolade to Rockbank Station?

Urbanisation of Leakes Road is slated to take place in 2021.  Local council have certain traffic management requirements that need to be met including the completion of several surrounding roads (not all on the Accolade estate or land). This is so that when Leakes Road is closed for works that traffic flow doesn’t grind to a complete halt and it also limits the disturbance to not only residents of the Accolade estate but also others in the neighbourhood.

The works in question are currently being discussed between several different developers and Melton City Council.  More information will be made available as details are finalised.

Does Accolade have a Body Corporate?

Accolade including the Townhomes does not have a body corporate.


Is there a timeframe to start building once my land is titled?

Developer's approval must be achieved within 9 months of the date that a Title is issued for a lot AND Construction must be completed within 12 months of either the Developer’s Approval date or the date a Title is issued (whichever is later).


Will the closing of Leakes Road affect me if I purchase at Accolade?

Rockbank Rd that runs through Accolade will replace Leakes Rd and become the connection to the freeway. To access Rockbank Road, you will still take the Leakes Road exit on the Western Highway.


How long does it take to get to Southern Cross from Rockbank Station?

The train trip can be as little as 24 minutes on the new train service or approximately 28 minutes on the regular train.


Does Accolade have NBN or Opticom?

Accolade has NBN broadband.


Where are the nearest schools located and what kind of schools are they?

Rockbank Primary School is a public school located approximately 3 minutes away by car from Accolade and the private primary school Bacchus March Grammar is about a 5 minute drive.


Do you have the ‘Bushfire Attack Levy’ at Accolade?

Accolade is listed as having a Bushfire Attack Levy but this is usually lifted the once land is titled. Most of Stages 1-3 have had the bushfire levy lifted as well as parts of Stage 6 which is yet to be titled. There is a chance the Levy may not be lifted due to the location of your lot. If this occurs it adds approximately $3,000 to the cost of building your home.


Does the Developer pay for the ‘Community Infrastructure Levy’?

The $1,150 Community Infrastructure Levy is a one-off Local Government fee paid by all individual purchasers at Accolade. Details are available here


Do I need recycled water or a rainwater tank on my block?

Recycled water is no longer required at Accolade.  However, lots over 300m2 require a rainwater tank.  This rainwater tank must be in your plans when submitting them to the Design Assessment Panel. There are no connection requirements.


When will the Rockbank local Town Centre be open?

The Town Centre construction is dependent on the number of people living in the area. We estimate construction will commence in 2021 but as the town centre is not being built by the Accolade developers we have no involvement in its construction.


What is and isn’t included in the Free Designer Front Garden?

Each house purchased at Accolade comes with a Free Designer Front Garden which is available after settlement by filling in a Voucher (which will be provided to you) and returning it to the Landscaper.

Before the Landscaper comes to your home to discuss your garden there are one or two things that you must do:

  • 1. Your side boundary fencing, driveway and any hardscapes (concrete paths, retainers etc) to the property are completed

  • 2. Front yard levels to be 100mm below hard surfaces for installation of soil and mulch.  Site to be cleared of all rubbish, rocks & weeds.

The easiest way to achieve item 2 above is to ask your builder to complete the levelling and clear up before he leaves site, or you can ask the Landscaper to do this for you but there will be a small cost involved (cost will vary depending on lot size and amount of work required), failing that you can do those small tasks yourself.

The package excludes driveways, boundary fencing, retaining walls and removal of rubbish & vegetation.  The package also excludes footpaths, turf to nature strip, letterbox, outdoor lighting or any maintenance of the landscaping after completion as part of the Free Designer Front Garden