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Accolade 6 designer gardens explained

landscaping design THAT’S MY GARDEN INSPIRATION Resi Ventures loves bringing land to life Creating communities that people want to call home. We see each community that we create as a living, breathing entity and what better way to showcase that than with state of the art front gardens designed by an award winning landscape architect. After a long day at work, when you come home you want to relax – that’s why we will be creating an amazing garden filled estate. From the entrance to the gorgeous front gardens and 5 hectares of wetlands you will be proud to call it your home. Over time the front gardens, streetscape and wetlands will integrate and beautify the overall aesthetics of the estate. You get a choice of 6 beautiful designs for your front garden, so your house becomes a home. A home that you are proud of and a home that is the envy of your neighbours. We invite you to be part of our vision and our new community. Anthony Braunthal DIRECTOR Khurram Saeed DIRECTOR