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Dual Key Living One Property, Two Incomes

Dual key living, a housing concept that offers two separate and self-contained units within a single property, presents a plethora of compelling benefits for homeowners and investors alike. Firstly, it provides exceptional flexibility, allowing occupants to live in one unit while renting out the other to generate additional income or accommodate extended family members, such as elderly parents or adult children. This rental income can significantly offset mortgage costs, making homeownership more affordable. Secondly, dual key living promotes privacy, as each unit maintains its own entrance and living spaces, ensuring independence and autonomy for both residents. Moreover, it maximises land usage and capitalises on space efficiency, making it an environmentally conscious choice.

For investors, this setup translates to diversified income streams and potentially higher rental yields, increasing the overall return on investment. Overall, dual key living offers a clever and advantageous housing solution that caters to various needs and financial aspirations, making it an increasingly popular choice in the real estate market.

The New Dual Key Terrace at Accolade offers.

Anticipated rental up to $790pw

Independent Living Ground Floor

Independent Living First Floor

Low Capitalisation & High Yields


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Can you live in the front and rent out the rear? Yes, you could also live in the rear and rent out the front. What is the minimum size block needed? To build the Dual Key 20 design, a minimum frontage width of 12.5m is required along with a minimum depth of 28m. To build the Dual Key 28 design, a minimum frontage width of 16m is required with a minimum depth of 30m. Do you need two separate insurance policies or separate titles? No. Is approval required? Yes, all Charles Lloyd Group Dual Key homes are certified by an independent building surveyor to ensure compliance is assured under the Australian Building Code. Call the Accolade Sales Team on 1300 268 629 to learn more about this dual key home design.