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Finding Garden Inspiration – The Easy Way!

Choosing a garden style for a newly built house is like choosing the interior finishes, it reflects your lifestyle and personality.

Front gardens especially improve the overall streetscape and can offer a nice environment to connect with passers-by and meet the neighbours. It provides an attractive entrance to your house and makes a good first impression with visitors.

Choosing a garden

When choosing a garden style consider the location, seasonality, and your lifestyle. All these factors will ensure that you select the right type of design and plants to ensure your garden thrives.

Accolade Estate at Rockbank has made choosing a garden easier with a range of designs included in the house and land purchase price.  Designed by an award-winning landscape architect, the gardens are low maintenance with drought tolerant plants that reflect the changing seasons and provide year-round curb side appeal.

Garden designs 

Purchasers can choose from six garden design that reflect these styles:


Each garden is uniquely different, but all have been designed to ensure they remain compact throughout the growing season. The range of hardy plants selected will provide layered garden textures by contrasting foliage types and colours, and minimising upkeep time.

Accolade Estate in Rockbank has all six garden designs on display at the Sale Office at 1220 Leakes Road, Rockbank, open by appointment, Sat - Wed 12-5pm.

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