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How to make the most of your block space

Building a new home at Accolade Rockbank involves so many new and exciting experiences. In addition to a new home, new lifestyle and a new community, you also have your very own outdoor space to plan and make the most of. Just like the planning that goes into choosing your home, designing your outdoor living deserves just as much focus. Let’s start with a few things to know about block space.

House positioning

As you start on the new home and land journey, you will find out about house positioning, which means how your home footprint will sit on your block. House positioning also directly influences the heating and cooling of your home. In Australia, the ideal orientation tends to be north or northeast to maximise light in winter and minimise heat in summer. Your builder will be able to help you with homes to suit available blocks, with options to ensure you can have the best of under roof and outdoor living.

Location makes a difference

Focusing on home design independently of land is a common mistake many new home buyers make. To maximise the potential of your location they should be reviewed in combination. For example, for a block that is positioned close to all your needs with parks and play spaces nearby, perhaps you don’t need as much backyard space.

Designed to maximise

While having space in your new home to suit all your needs is an exciting part of the new home experience, there are also ways to have it all without losing garden space. Speak to your builder about clever design such as study nooks replacing dedicated studies, and extended ceiling heights and windows to create a feeling of volume without increasing the footprint.

Connected living

Internal spaces flowing seamlessly to outdoor spaces, where you have clear lines of sight throughout will make your home and land combination feel like they are working together. To achieve this efficiency, think about how your spaces will work together, where the BBQ will be located and how that connects to the kitchen. Or how the children’s play spaces inside and out are linked and remain within sight.

Double up

If a smaller block ticks all the boxes, a double-story design may be the right option for you. Withthe opportunity to maximise living space by adding a second level, without sacrificing the outdoor living area, you can have it all!

For all new home advice on choosing the right block to suit your needs, or how to navigate house and land options, visit the Accolade Land Sales Suite at 1220 Leakes Road Rockbank – open 7 days, 11am – 5pm.