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How to reduce the stress when buying a new home

Buying a new home in today’s market can be a little daunting, with ads offering free this, packaged that and bargains galore making it tough to sort out the real money savers from the less genuine.

Our advice is to split the buying process into parts.

1 – Secure your finance.

Obtaining finance first gives you maximum bargaining power and means you know exactly how much you have to spend.

Mortgage brokers are an option to banks, as they have access to building societies and private equity that may take a more relaxed attitude to lending, particularly if you own your own business.

Cash is king in the current market so if you have funds approved then you will be confident that you can settle on your dream home.

2 – Look at House and Land packages.

The least stressful way to buy a home is to select a house and land package that has been approved for the block you select. Accolade has a wide range of house styles and sizes for each block making your selection process much easier. Try making a list of your requirements and budget and match those until you get the right balance.

3 – But I have a block and I’m looking for a builder!

Selecting the builder for your house is perhaps the most stressful part of the process with so many offers of discounts and extra features that can add up to many thousands of dollars in “savings”.

However, even the experts have trouble determining the true level of value in every home so rather than comparing every offer, use your checklist (above) to make sure you buy what you want and not what appears to be the best “offer”.

Remember you will be living in this house, your largest investment for many years so a few thousand dollars here or there is nothing compared to the joy of living in the house with the features you want!

Good luck with your purchasing decision and consider Accolade when selecting your dream home.