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Obsessed with interiors? Here are the latest top 5 interior trends.

From 70s revivals to plants in every room, today we explore the latest in interior trends. Whether you are planning your brand new home at Accolade or just looking to add a bit of freshness to your current interiors, we’ve got you covered. So log into Pinterest and get ready to create those mood boards. 


Let’s talk about texture.

Textures are having a moment in 2020. Texture basically is a reference to the surface quality of any material - be it hard, soft, rough or smooth. It’s one way to tie up elements within a space, it’s also a way to add a bit of spice and depth to any room. Creating texture is all about layering, think exposed wooden surfaces with soft furnishings such as velvet, woven mats and polished brass accents. Soft versus rough/raw elements add interest and create striking contrasts.


Taking time out with tranquillity.

With the modern world rushing around us, our home really does become our sanctuary. With that in mind, another big interior trend is creating tranquillity. Peaceful hues of green, blue and muted colours allow harmony to be the focal point of your colour scheme. Soft furnishings that complement your chosen colours amplify this serenity. Airy, light-filled spaces are uplifting so avoid heavy drapes and let the light in!


Plants - designed to reduce stress

Indoor plants are everywhere! We have an innate desire to connect with nature, and what better way than to bring the outdoors in. Not only do they reduce stress but having plants in your home helps to purify your air.

There are many ways to incorporate plants into your home. The use of natural materials such as wood or potted and hanging plants. Even teacups can be repurposed as a pot for some lovely succulents.


Add a soft touch

For years now, straight, strong lines have dominated soft furnishings but curved lines are making a comeback. Curved shapes straight from the 70s give fun and playful qualities to any space. 

In a similar vein, organic shapes and freeform designs are on the rise and feature on everything from doona covers, to mats and rugs.


Hang it - in the Kitchen

There is a new trend emerging in making a kitchen more like other rooms in your home, an approach that brings personality and warmth to this space. 

While you are out collecting art for your home, take the kitchen into consideration and really make this space your own. Personal trinkets and soft furnishings also help to make a kitchen interesting and functional.