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Setting Up a Home Office

A dedicated office space in a home has become a must have item on any new homeowners list. With a shift in people working remotely and employees looking for more flexibility, the in-home workspace has moved up the list of importance.

Deciding on where the home office should be located on the floorplan and what it needs to have in it is a decision that needs to be made thoughtfully. The home office needs to stimulate productivity and provide privacy from the rest of the house.

Get the right desk and chair

Physical posture, alertness and comfortability means that the right type of desk and chair are important. If your job requires you to be at the desk for 8 hours of the day, then consider an adjustable work surface.

Incorporate your own style

Customise your workspace with colours and items that are going to make your day productive. A room that promotes a sense warmth means you’ll be more content to spend lots of time there.

Add some greenery

Improve the air quality within the room by adding some plants.  They will add a splash of colour and boost your mood, reduce stress, and make you happier.

Lots of natural light

Think about the light levels and exposure to sunlight the space gets throughout the seasons.  You want the room to have access to as much natural light as possible to maintain your mental and health wellbeing while you work.

Accolade Estate in Rockbank has numerous house and land packages with floorplans that incorporate a home office/study space. Speak with our Sales Team on 1300 268 629 or visit the Sales Office at 1220 Leakes Road, Rockbank to learn more.