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The Best Indoor Plants for Every Room in Your Home

There are almost 400,000 different types of plants on Earth, so there’s plenty of choices when it comes to adding a splash of foliage or natural colour to your home. When choosing indoor plants, you’ll typically look for small-profile varieties that prefer drier indoor air, lower light and less fuss. Yet which plants work for specific spots in your home can vary greatly. Let’s take a look at the best indoor plants for different rooms in your home.


The right plants can create an instant visual impact when you or your guests enter your home. In addition, those with a welcoming fragrance can set the mood and replace chemical-filled air fresheners for good. Depending on your personal style and your home’s interior design, try a burst of colour with Geraniums, the minimalism of Lily of the Valley or a classic like Miniature Rose.


In bathrooms, ensuites and toilets you’ll likely need plants that can thrive in low natural light conditions. Air-purifying power is a bonus here! Try a striking Peacock Plant, a low-maintenance Zanzibar Plant or a cleansing Snake Plant; all prefer that little bit of humidity that wet rooms provide.


As long as they have access to a sunny window by day, plants will happily live in your bedroom. Here you should think about plants that might help you relax and sleep such as soothing Lavender, Gardenia (giving this water-loving plant a spritz could become your nightly bedtime ritual) or Jasmine, especially the indoor-friendly Jasminum polyanthum. 


For your kitchen, look for plants that don’t take up too much precious cooking space and those that also do double-duty with the convenience of edible elements. Think about the herbs you use most frequently in cooking; parsley, chives, mint and rosemary are a cinch to grow. If you’re looking to level up your gourmet credentials, micro-herbs are worth consideration. Dedicate space on your windowsill to the plants that are easiest to grow from scraps and leftovers. These include spring onions, basil, celery and lettuce and make for a great project for the whole family.


Forget spending hundreds of dollars on quickly burnt-out scented candles. Plants in your home office can provide aromatherapeutic benefits that may help with stress-relief and increased productivity. Orchids look elegant on a desk or shelf and are nowhere near as fussy as their reputation might suggest. For an on-trend native plant, try growing a refreshing Baby Blue by your office window – it’s a dwarf eucalypt that is certainly happy when potted indoors. You could even think about plants like Lemon Balm. It has a subtle scent which may help boost cognitive function but you can also pluck a few leaves to plunge into hot water for your afternoon tea break!

Finally, don’t forget to check that each plant you choose is safe if you’re likely to have kids or pets in your home.