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Things to know before establishing a vegetable garden

Growing your own vegetables can be an extremely rewarding experience. A vegetable garden can come in all shapes and sizes depending on what space is available. If you have just moved into your new home or have been there for a while and want to add homegrown flavour to your diet, here is some advice on how to establish a flourishing vegetable garden.

Location, Location, Location

Sun, water, and soil are the key to a successful growing season. The site needs to be in convenient location that receives at least 6 - 8 hours of sunlight every day. You need to be able to water them regularly so consider where you might conveniently place a hose or store items like watering cans.  Finally, is the quality of soil. The better your soil the bigger your vegetables will grow and taste! Take time to add organic matter such as manure and compost which will assist your growing conditions in the long term.

Plants to suit 

Choose plants that will grow best in the climate where you live. Also, consider the space between plantings to allow enough room for them to provide their best crop. Plant with other complementary plants, which will enhance growing conditions, deter pests, and attract plant loving insect friends.

Type of garden

Whether you have room for a large vegetable garden or just a small one there are variety of materials and styles to choose from. A raised garden bed, movable planter box, or container gardening all provides suitable options.

Community growing

If you really love the idea of growing your own vegetables but don’t have the space, there are local community gardens to join. An increasingly popular option, this allows you to meet new people, learn from others and become an urban farmer.