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Transport accessibility at Accolade

Accessibility of Rockbank

The easy access public transport system in Rockbank will make it simple for commuters to get in and out of the city  and connect residents with surrounding growing suburbs.

With Rockbank station located in the northwest corner of the estate, the train will take you directly in to Southern Cross Station in 35 minutes.

With the expected growth of Accolade and Rockbank, PTV are responding with large scale upgrades of the bus services and train station anticipating the needs of future residents.

The station is being transformed into a modern, attractive metropolitan station. Additionally there will be 6 new train services running through Rockbank station to cater for peak hour periods and another 3 new services in non-peak hour. Bus services will also be increased with three new interchanges introduced. This means even more convenient and quick connectivity to the city and surrounding suburbs like Deer Park and Melton (5 minutes by train).

All of these upgrades will be done with a building design focus of blocking out train and increased commuter noise. There will also be heaps of spaces for bicycle parking and storage, as well as grade level pedestrian crossings.

With a larger scale public transport service, residents will have better access to community facilities, health and childcare offered in Rockbank

Cyclists and pedestrians will also find it easy to get around Rockbank with roads and footpaths that prioritise them over cars ensuring their safety

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