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Welcome Back to Accolade’s New Estate Manager, Andy Soetedja

Resi Ventures is pleased to announce Andy Soetedja’s return to Accolade as estate manager. Andy helped launch the project in 2017 by successfully selling out the first nine stages.

As Andy settles back into a role he knows all too well, he can't help but feel a surge of excitement and curiosity. Andy said it was like stepping into a time capsule and emerging into a new era, eager to see the progress of the development that has taken place over the last five years.

“When I left, the streets were just beginning to take shape, and there wasn't a single house in sight. Now, as I return, I'm filled with anticipation to witness the growth of the Accolade community.”

While Andy has an extensive background in property sales, he opted for a lifestyle change when he left Accolade in 2019. He jetted off to Whistler, Canada, with his wife, seeking new adventures and experiences.

For Andy, returning to Accolade is a testament to Resi Ventures' commitment to delivering the project's vision, as well as the beauty of going full circle and seeing how Accolade has evolved into a thriving master-planned community.

Andy believes that being successful in his role isn't just about sales transactions; it's about helping people achieve their dreams of finding the perfect place to call home.

“There's something immensely gratifying about being part of that journey, about witnessing the spark of excitement in someone's eyes as they envision their future,” he said.

Andy's return marks a significant milestone in Accolade's journey, ensuring a seamless transition to completing the final sales. Accolade offers a diverse range of homesite options to suit every lifestyle. Don’t miss this opportunity to join a vibrant community; call Andy on 1300 268 629.