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What does Practical Completion mean for a purchaser?

Practical completion is a key milestone in the performance of a civil works construction contract including basic infrastructure such as roads, drainage and footpaths etc

The general definition is a time when the works are complete (except for minor defects and omissions) and are reasonably capable of being used for their intended purpose - building your new home!

At Accolade some stages are nearing practical completion. This means that Melton City Council will send an inspector to visit the site and verify that works have been completed to a reasonable standard and a certificate will be issued to this effect.
Once we have received the certificate from Council we are then in a position to start working towards Statement of Compliance (SOC), which includes audits and inspections for the other services on-site that have been installed within the estate such as electricity and NBN.
We will be issuing you with more information shortly as to exactly what Statement of Compliance is and what it means to you the purchaser.
In the meantime you can continue to follow our progress on the construction page of the Accolade website
Rest assured we are doing all we can in these trying times to keep construction moving forward so that you can start building your new home.

For further information call Paige on 1300 268 629 or go to